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Curling Irons for Thick Hair

Thick hair can be difficult to maintain, though people with this hair type can be
counted as lucky because of the volume and body their hair can offer. Thick hair can be
difficult to maintain, though people with this hair type can be counted as
lucky because of the volume and body their hair can offer. When it comes to
styling it though, it’s another story, since thick hair is harder to style than
most hair types.
With styling thick hair,
you may think that what you need the most is a very high temperature. Well, yes
and no. Yes, you DO need high temperatures to style thick hair because of the
nature of its texture, but no, it’s not the most important thing. You can find
curling irons that get very hot but they’re not necessarily good for your hair
and can end up burning it. What you also need to think about is the heating
technology. For example ceramic or tourmaline technology. When dealing with
thick hair types the most appropriate material is ceramic. Why ceramic? Because
ceramic produces gentle, moist heat that can efficiently penetrate the hair
shaft and relax the hair, making it more manageable.
Ceramic also determines
the production of heat. Ceramic curling irons are the best for thick hair
because of their even heat distribution. This way, hot spots are prevented and
so is hair damage, plus styling can be done much quicker thanks to the high
temperature. Ceramic is additionally a healthier choice for thick hair than any
other technology. Why is this? Mainly because this material emits negative ions
to curl your hair while locking in moisture and keeping in the natural oils,
preventing the cuticle from splitting. Furthermore, these negative ions have
great smoothing properties that prevent frizz as they work on your hair. When
your hair is thick, all of these factors make styling a shorter, healthier
process which is beneficial to your locks.
With a ceramic curling
iron you can also prevent overheating thanks to the temperature controls that
make curling your thick hair safer. The nature of ceramic makes the curling
iron made with this material lighter and much more manageable, which is a very
positive thing when styling thick hair since it takes a little longer than most
hair types to work with.
So which is THE best curling
iron for thick hair? A worthy candidate is the Karmin Salon Pro Clipless Curling Iron which features all the
benefits of a salon quality product. Reaching 410F it’s ideal for thick hair,
creating natural looking curls that are glossy and defined thanks to the
polished barrel.

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