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Ceramic Hair Straighteners Review

Ceramic hair straighteners are famous worldwide for their superior performance no
matter the hair type they’re used on or the purpose they’re used for.  Ceramic hair straighteners are famous worldwide for their
superior performance no matter the hair type they’re used on or the purpose
they’re used for. This puts them at the top of the hair styling tool market and
on a permanent high demand that compels manufacturers to produce more and more
ceramic straighteners. Now as the product rate is high, so are the costs of
manufacturing and this tends to lure the companies into using cheaper materials
which result in lesser quality ceramic straighteners. These cheaper versions
are the ones that convince people that ceramic is all publicity and nothing
more instead of showing them the wonderful material that it really is.
To avoid falling for low quality ceramic straighteners, here
are some tips that will let you tell the difference between an actual ceramic
straightener and a cheap counterfeit:
1. Real ceramic straighteners will tell you if they use 100%
pure ceramic, since it’s something that the manufacturer is proud of. Ceramic
coated straighteners on the other hand, will probably just mention “ceramic
plates” in the description but won’t go into details, although renowned
companies certainly will tell you whether they use coated plates or not which
should make the choice easier for you.
2. Genuine ceramic isn’t colorful, so all of those
straighteners that use vibrant colors in their plates are just aluminum coated
and aren’t very beneficial apart from looking attractive. Ceramic coated plates
don’t last as long as solid ceramic and they don’t straighten as well either.
Many users have found that if you use a straightener with ceramic coated plates
on a daily basis your hair will gradually become dry and brittle. Not to
mention that coated plates have the chance of peeling, scratching and cracking
easily and this will wreak havoc on your hair if you pass it through the
roughed up plates!
3. Some straighteners use white or yellowish colored ceramic
plates which are a few steps up from coated ones but they’re quite old
fashioned and use technologies from about 9 years ago. Modern technologies
include the famous ionic and far-infrared components which give ceramic its
charm. Ionic technology is what creates such a smooth and silky effect in so
little time thanks to its negative ions that speed up the straightening process
and neutralize all traces of frizz for a long lasting style whereas far infrared heating gently seals the cuticles,
retains natural moisture and creates a smooth and silky surface which will give
your hair a healthy and replenished appearance. These technologies allow
ceramic straighteners to instantly reveal sleek and shiny locks without
a single hair out of place that will give you a healthy and vibrant look
throughout the entire day.
Hopefully these tips will convince you to head for the solid
ceramic straighteners instead of the tempting cheaper versions.  Keep in mind that with a pure ceramic
straightener your hair will be irresistibly smooth and stunningly shiny in
record time and without the heat damage!

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